Welcome To: www.GoldenDeals.US  We help provide buyers, brokers and business owners with (heavy or light duty) pre-owned equipment (including Bank Repo's) at near auction prices.

    We update our  'Craigslist Inventory Page' often with links that contain photos  and descriptions. Call to see if we have what your looking for. If we don't  have it maybe we can locate it. We maintain an inventory in the yard as well. If you want to POST some of 'Your Equipment' call FRANK to discuss the options.
    Frank Dias LLC has been an established (seasoned and trusted) provider of used construction equipment, heavy machinery, various sized trucks, plus on/off road vehicles, machinery, office equipment and more.

    While providing affordable products to consumers nation-wide, we also provide "finance resources" to qualified buyers. Frank stays focused on servicing his customers with 'customer satisfaction' being a priority. He is dedicated to meet certain demands of consumers and businesses in need of heavy equipment, etc., this means "if we do not have what your looking for, we will do our best to find what you need". 

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 Frank's Main Finance Source: DIRECT CAPITAL.
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For more information regarding items/equipment/products listed on this website, along with questions pertaining to other items you may be seeking, please contact Frank (or his staff) listed below:


Phone: (845) 361-1420

Frank Dias LLC. 
150 Bloomingburg Rd.
Middletown, NY 10940

Who is 'Frank Dias'?

A hard working businessman for 40 years. Over these years (1958) Frank has emerged as a reliable and trusted source for select banks and other companies dealing with repossessions, etc., including pre-owned heavy equipment and machinery. This ever-growing network of cooperatives allows Frank to meet his consumer demand (discounts) for various products the construction, commercial, Medical and other industries rely on. His dedication to provide what customers need and want, usually at  prices they can afford. Flexible Finance connections has enabled Frank Dias LLC. to provide excellent service for almost Five Decades.

Remember our Motto .....
"With Frankie D, It's A Guarantee"


Our Products: Frank sells and finances a vast assortment of heavy machinery, construction equipment, industrial equipment, trucks and other vehicles. Although this website provides limited information about various items, Frank's entire inventory of product choices may not be found here. Also, due to rapidly changing inventory, persons seeking specific equipment not listed on this website should contact Frank directly (by phone or other) so requested items can be found in a timely manner. 

*Frank Dias LLC. will strive to provide requested products in a timely manner to those who demand them. Due to market conditions, as well as product availability, no guarantee is placed on finding exact requests. However, the use of extensive resources will be utilized to attempt and provide for every request.